About Our Homes

Jacobsen Homes is Florida’s Trusted Home Source for Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, Modular Homes & Park Model Homes.

Family owned and operated since 1959, Jacobsen Homes has a reputation in Florida as the number one source for manufactured homes (including mobile homes), as well as modular homes and park model homes. Retail centers and communities across Florida feature Jacobsen Homes.

As the oldest and most prominent Florida home builder we are proud to offer you industry-leading homes built with the latest technology. Our process is focused on providing the finest craftsmanship and design at the best price to you and your family.

If you are still researching what kind of home is going to be the right choice for you, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as well as our many options for manufactured homes (mobile homes), modular homes and park model homes across our website. We are also just a quick call or message away! A member of our knowledgeable and professional Jacobsen Homes staff will be happy to assist you during the research and decision-making process for your new Florida home.

If you are ready to schedule a tour of one of the many model centers or communities across Florida, we invite you to set an appointment through our site here to redeem a special offer! We also offer factory tours throughout the week at noon at our facilities in Safety Harbor, Florida. Contact us to set up an appointment for any of our services or with any additional questions you may have.

Whether you choose a manufactured home, modular home or park model home as your new Florida home, we look forward to providing you with a uniquely crafted home and the exceptional service our family-owned business has proudly delivered for over 50 years.

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